Spinning Nautilus Goldfinger

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Product Description

NGF-S642UL is made for fishing chub and other predators in small rivers. The rod will show all its advantages while fishing with crank baits, small spoons and spinners, different soft lures, spit-shot and drop-shot rigs. Light tip section with small titan guides easily controls the lightest lures while thin but strong butt can fight with a big fish even on small rivers. Perfect bite detection and absolute control of the lure are the main advantages for those anglers who love perch fishing close in and those for adore trout fishing in rivers.

SKUThumbnailLength (m)Travel Length (m)Casting Weight (g)Parts
NGF-S642UL Spinning Nautilus Goldfinger - 1-95 - 0-99 - 1-5-6 - 2 1.950.991.5-62
NGF-S762L Spinning Nautilus Goldfinger - 2-32 - 1-20 - 2-12 - 2 2.321.202-122

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